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There is just something about a handcrafted charcuterie board that makes my heart sing! If not milled (from the ground up) by us directly, all our woods are locally sourced from Canadian Soil. Customize our natural boards to fit your home sweet home! Not only is this live edge board great for your kitchen and dining room, but its versatility also makes it perfect for home decor! We're proud to be able to offer this in various lengths, as well as options for personalized engraving, finger holes or handles. In your kitchen and dining room, amaze your guests (or simply enjoy it for yourself) and up your culinary game with our live edge charcuterie board! It's the perfect serving-ware for your cheeses, meats, deli, and other amuse-gueules culinary fare. Alternatively, it serves as a great mantle or accent piece in your kitchen, living room or bedroom!

Charcuterie Boards

  • Our charcuterie boards are carefully handcrafted and finished with our 100% natural cutting board conditioner, which adds a protective layer on top of your cutting board, so that water beads up, and does not get absorbed! We recommend a monthly application of our Wood and Cutting Board Conditioner, or as you notice the coloration of the cutting board is noticeably lighter in the middle compared to the edges. With proper care, our boards will last forever.

    Care tips:

    -Do NOT use a dishwasher

    -hand wash only

    -Always dry your board by hand immediately after cleaning

    -Clean by gently scrubbing with warm water

    -Avoid soap as it may dry up the board; when soap is used, reapply conditioner to keep the wood from drying out

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